Why the heat?

Hot Yoga is done in a heated room to allow for greater flexibility and elimination of toxins through the skin. This also adds a cardiovascular aspect to the class. The heat is unique to this particular yoga and adds to the practice in that the heat works on the body externally to excelerate results.

My flexibility is very limited and I’m uncomfortable starting. What should I do?

Welcome! Not everyone is born flexible. Students that are ex-athletes or even current athletes all experience tightness at first. Yoga is the perfect complement to any training regimen, and the heat and your teachers are there to guide you. Start a regular practice and just listen to your body. We have all been there!

I have never done yoga before. Is there a beginner class?

All levels of students practice at the same time, in the same room. Often you’ll find yourself sweating alongside your teachers! The class is done at your own level. The beginning student and more experienced student practicing together creates a wonderful energy in the room that keeps everyone focused and working hard.

I have arthritis. Will this improve my condition?

Absolutely. Several postures in the series use what is called a “tourniquet effect”, where the blood to an area is restricted for a few seconds and then brought back to the area in a highly oxygenated rush. This is wonderful for arthritis and any injury. The key to any kind of healing is to get the blood flowing to the area. This is what we do in yoga, especially in Hot Yoga.

Is it all right to practice during menstruation?

Yes. Women’s cycles and practice are very personal, and we invite you to do only what makes you the most comfortable. Some women actually report an improvement of any sluggishness or cramping when they practice during their periods. Try it and see!

I’m pregnant. Can I begin taking Hot Yoga?

As with any activity, it is not recommended for women who have never taken hot yoga before to begin while pregnant. The advanced student or teacher who has been practicing regularly for at least a year is advised to discuss with her teacher whether or not she should continue the hot class. Expectant moms are always encouraged to consult  their own physician or midwife before beginning yoga. As long as the delivery is normal and everyone is healthy, post partum students can get right back on the mat once cleared for exercise.