Information for New Students


We offer students of all levels an opportunity to challenge their minds and bodies while working through a variety of postures in a heated environment.

While all of our of classes are heated, don’t let the “Hot” in yoga discourage you.  Many students find that the heat is actually the very first thing they get used to and eventually, they find that the heat that was once so intimidating is what moves them through their practice and takes it to the next level.

Our instructors always offer modifications in every class for students who wish to challenge themselves that day or maybe even take it easy.  In all walks life there are days that are more challenging than others, and that rule is just as true in yoga.  At Hot Yoga Downtown you will find an environment that encourages students to take their practice only where it can go on that particular day, never more and never less.

For your first class:

  • Be hydrated and have an empty stomach
  • Dress lightly and wear cycling style (spandex) shorts under baggy ones, as you will be lifting your legs up frequently during class. Women should wear something that won’t flip over the head when bending over.
  • Bring 2 full sized bath towels, one for class and one to shower with afterward.  We require a towel over your mat when you practice.  We no longer rent towels at the studio, but you may purchase one for $3.00.
  • Bring a bottle of water.  We have a vending machine stocked with ice cold water should you decide to purchase it at the studio.
  • We encourage you to leave valuables at home, but have lockers you may use if you choose.  Bring a lock if you wish to use the lockers.
  • Our locker room is fully stocked with shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner for your convenience.

We look forward to sharing your practice with you at Hot Yoga Downtown.