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So you want to be a yoga teacher?

Excellent!  We are excited for you to begin your journey.  While there are several reputable places to train, we have certain requirements at our studio.  It is important to us that there is continuity of instruction at Hot Yoga Downtown, and that we are familiar with whom you have trained  and what you have learned.

If you have never taught yoga before

The training will begin with a one week intensive at Synergia Ranch July 11-17, 2016, followed by 7 subsequent weekends (every other weekend)
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If you already hold a yoga teaching certification
Instructors are hired on a case by case basis.  You may set up an audition with Bruce and Molly to see if you are a right fit for our studio. All instructors are required to be CPR certified, and registered with the Yoga Alliance.




My name is Jeff and I recently completed the first ever 200 hour yoga teacher training certification course offered by Hot Yoga Downtown Albuquerque. My experience with the course has been nothing short of an amazing, life transforming, magical experience. We learned everything that one would expect to learn from a course of this nature: anatomy, asanas, how to build flows and classes, how to handle special needs or injured clients, Sanskrit, yogic philosophies, history, CPR and so much more. We also learned quite a few things that I had no idea I would learn, such as believing in yourself, trusting the process, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do and practicing with love just to name a few. Molly, Bruce, Ben, Kendra, and Pradeep made me feel special and that they genuinely cared that I got what I needed. They are all beautiful people and exceptional teachers as well as amazing friends and good role models. The friendships and bonds that I made during this course will last me a lifetime and I will be forever grateful that I was able to participate in such a beautiful and life-changing experience! I would recommend any future classes that HYDT might offer to anyone interested in an amazing yoga experience. Thank you HYDT I LOVE YOU!!!!

Jeff Cohen


I recommend the the teacher training at “Hot Yoga Downtown” to any person looking to teach or for the sheer transformative experience and knowledge gained! No matter the motivation you will finish being a better YOU than when you started! 

Holly Pinnel