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Hot Yoga

724 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

724 Central Ave SE Albuquerque NM 87102


So you want to be a yoga teacher?

Excellent!  We are excited for you to begin your journey.  While there are several reputable places to train, we have certain requirements at our studio.  It is important to us that there is continuity of instruction at Hot Yoga Downtown, and that we are familiar with whom you have trained  and what you have learned.

If you have never taught yoga before

We require that you complete and graduate from Jimmy Barkan’s Level I training in Florida or New York.  This is a four week training.  Please visit for details.

If you already hold a yoga teaching certification

Level II/III is the training for you!  Jimmy Barkan has a training in Costa Rica and one in Florida for those of you that need a little less guidance, but might not be certified in a hot yoga method.  This is a one week training.

Bikram and other hot yoga method instructors are hired on a case by case basis.  You may set up an audition with Bruce and Molly to see if you are a right fit for our studio.

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