Yoga Etiquette

Before Class:

Please arrive five to ten minutes before class to allow time to set up.
Sign in or swipe your key card immediately upon arrival. Check if you are current. If you have signed up online, we still need you to check in at the front desk to make sure your name is in the class roster.
Remove shoes before entering the changing and practice room.
Be mindful of your neighbors space and others view of the mirror.
Cell phones in the practice room only if you are a health provider on call.
Have clean feet and avoid strong scents.
Feel free to chat up the room before class.

During Class:

Respect the teacher, yoga, and tradition.
Follow the instruction given to the best of your ability. ┬áIn a classroom setting, moving together is how it’s done.
Adapt your practice by modifying depth.
Take responsibility for the thoughts, emotions, and sensations you experience.
Change negative energy to positive. “I will try my best instead of I can’t.”
The yoga practice is not about the heat, humidity, or teacher. It’s all about you!
Learn to let go of external distractions. Have fun, work hard and inspire your neighbors. Discover your strength.

After Class:

Observe silence for final savasana.
Leave the room quietly so as not to disturb others.
Please leave borrowed yoga mats in the practice room and wipe them down with the disinfectant wipes found at the back of the room.
Be quick with your showers if others are waiting.
Enjoy the good feelings and energy you take with you. Come back soon!

Download a printable version:

Yoga Etiquette (PDF)